Looking For Chocolate Wedding Favors

With chocolate being one of the most popular romantic foods, and long considered an aphrodisiac for centuries it's no wonder that people want to have chocolate wedding favors in one form or another. Also, a great positive for chocolate is the fact that it's a very yummy treat that any one of any age or gender can easily savor and enjoy. Here just a few ideas that you may want to think about when finding and ordering your chocolate wedding favors for your very special wedding day.

One of the most creative and cute chocolate wedding favor ideas is a set of personalized chocolate bars. These are usually 2.5 ounce chocolate bars and are made from very high quality milk or dark chocolate, plus they're all kosher so that they may be used at just about any type of wedding. You can find these types of personalized chocolate bars for next to nothing at MyWeddingFavors.Com.

These chocolate bars are individually wrapped and each bar is also individually customizable. You can Choose to have messages printed on the wrappers such as "our wedding" or "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" as well as have other names, the wedding date, and pictures of the bride and groom. The bottom of the actual chocolate bar can even be customized to read a small message of your choice. From my experience there is also no extra charge for any extra messages.

If you're looking for chocolate wedding favors but not exactly in the form of chocolate bars, then you can find plenty other goodies! You can always come away with miniature Hershey's bars, or little chocolate drops, and they can be customized as well to read a personal little message.

So please don't be too daunted trying to find those wonderful little goodies for your weeding while staying within your budget…there are plenty of ideas, and chocolate wedding favors are wonderful! :)

After the three weddings that I planned I very highly recommend MyWeddingFavors.Com for your wedding favor needs. I'm helping out with my friends wedding this summer (I know 4th wedding to be a part of) and I'll be turning to them yet again!

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